Cancellation Policy:  

Our cancellation policy corresponds to the Swiss Code of Obligations (Art. 160).

Rooms: 15 days before arrival: no costs, after 100% charge.
Apartments: 60 days before arrival: no costs, aftter 100% charge.

To protect you and us from expenses, we recommend the ERV (Europäsiche Reiseversicherung) cancellation insurance.



For any Covid-Reasons – please make sure, that you do have an insurance for this cases as the cancellation is in any case as mentioned. 

Alle verifizierten Schutzmassnahmen sind mit dem Label «Clean & Safe» gekennzeichnet. Dieses folgt den Vorgaben von Schweiz Tourismus und der Hotellerie Suisse.

Schutzkonzept der Destination Davos Klosters und der Bergbahnen Davos Klosters

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Dear guests, dear locals

We do everything to provide you with a beautiful and safe experience in the destination Davos Klosters. From protection concepts and behavioural measures to the regulation of mountain railway tickets in winter: Here you will find all information about the Covid-19 situation. INFORMATION